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Hello I’m Harry Bernstein Aka Harry B. I’ve spent my entire adult life using my gift of creativity to sell people things. Advertising is an amazing industry where everyday I got paid to imagine. But during this journey of creating posters, films, photos, tweets, billboards, packaging, logos, names everything that makes a brand a brand. I realized that your wants and desires are fabricated. Most things you wear, drive, watch, play, and even eat were put in your hands by someone like me.

So when I would leave the office and walk around New York I began to question everything. I began to question if my reality was my own or fabricated by someone better at advertising or branding than me. That sparked my interest in mediation and began my spiritual tourism journey across many of the eastern practices and my constant self reflection and a need to spend time in nature free from the manipulation.

Wild Thoughts is a post card from my hikes where I contextualize my thoughts in nature.

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